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72 hours to startup my story

Reading the comments, which begin to appear under the posts, which I began to write regularly for some time, I received a question: how to create a real business. I am well aware that so many of our “good ideas” only exists in your head or on paper. 1To a large extent these are hypotheses. I will say more – our idea is worth 1 zł plus VAT 😉

Creating a real business you have to admit is a kind of art, and this can not be a process to provide a ready recipe or checklist. Creating a business is a kind of artist who checks your assumptions in practice. Although I can not characterize all roads, which followed an entrepreneur today, referring successes. I can help you go through three important questions about your resources, expertise, and internal barriers posed on your way in terms of creating real business of my own experiences.

Therefore, creating a real business need to start collecting the facts, without giving up on the way to his success in the search for thoughts and inspiration business. Perhaps not all the advice you impart will prove to be effective for you, why are needed entrepreneur needs is you.

If you belong to a group of beginners in business or entrepreneurial persons who conducted business, and they did not work out, or to persons who intend to become entrepreneurs, then I invite you to meet with me – AN OPEN LECTURE – 72 HOURS TO STARTUP MY STORY, so you can easily , cheap and effective way to check if your idea of ​​our chance to become real or not.

At the meeting will give you knowledge that will bring you savings when you understand what the 3 questions – only you can see every business, you’re thinking about. You will gain a lesson worth at least 7 000 zł – as much as one-year managerial postgraduate studies in Warsaw. Hurry up with the record, because we have a limited number of people in the room, and I would not want you to lose this opportunity. Book yourself time 2h hours and 2 days.

8 – 9 June AFiB Vistula, Stokłosy 3, Warsaw 02-787, at 18.30 p.m.

Select on June 8, when you are interested in meeting in the Polish language.

Select June 9, when you are interested in meeting in English.

31 May 2016

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