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What is the potential target group?

Being in consultation with one of the clients asked me how I should attract customers that I care. At that moment, I asked, do you know what type of customers you offer your services?

above-83044_1280I heard that actually did not think about it, because my customers are and appeared sometimes. Immediately I wanted to ask next, do you know how big market customers (which lies within its potential) is, but I restrained myself with this question. We decided together with the client to prepare for the next meeting in order to better respond to the topic itself the target group.

Without knowing the characteristics of your target group and in particular the problems that cannot handle as well as areas that want to improve the ongoing demand for data services reminds me of a waterway that flows with the force (sometimes more, sometimes less), and at any moment can change your way past us.

Characteristics of your waterway – group of customers will help you prepare an effective marketing plan and design appropriate measures sales to these customers to stream them for our business has not stopped flowing.

Gather information about your group, you need to do before starting a business, and systematically checking the trough already flowing river will deprive us in the future unexpected changes in direction and strength of the current.

Are you ready to see how your target group and they hide in the possibilities? How much it is worth your group and how can bring real income for you?

18 listopada 2015

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