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Time management or self-management in time?

The inspiration to write a short post became after my last trip to Krakow and work with the client. During individual work, we noticed that the world has become increasingly complicated and it is more and more tension and stressful situations.

12249727_1208199482529026_634032143922616242_nFor this reason, awareness of the need for a different approach, more sensitive and more in terms of time, where every day we have. The environment in which we live, in order to fully utilize the resources held by our self (talents) and to be able to fully maximize results and income, we need to pay more attention to in what and how invest our time, how we share it.

Living, acting, observing, getting to know people succeed and implemented by the boldest goals and at the same time maintaining a balance between work, family and rest I came to the conclusion that one must learn to manage yourself in time to avoid time management of compulsion and necessity.

Therefore, you can teach me how to share time with up to a fixed, essentially three types of days. The method that I began to use for optimal performance with the investment of your time in order to live in accordance with them outside of work.

13 November 2015

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